Our commitment

We are the Good Digital People, and we aspire to become the Green Digital People !

We are fully aware of the growing environmental impact of the digital technology and we want to act to improve our digital services. This is why we have joined the Planet Tech'Care initiative Planet Tech'Care.

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of our digital services by using :

  • a continuous monitoring program to reduce our corporate digital footprint (WeNR of the Through its Sustainable IT Academy).
  • fostering the awareness of all the associates of the company and the third parties regarding our responsible digital operator strategy (sales material, MOOC on Sustainable IT, etc.).
  • a web eco-design process : we are in a continuous improvement philosophy and we frequently assess the quality of the web applications we have delivered. Our ambition is to apply all the good practices in terms of sustainable design of digital services, particularly the guidelines of the Responsible Digital Design Collective.
  • the choice of our IT infrastructure : we have selected a datacenter based in Normandy which is certified High Environmental Quality (NF - HQE®) and which is compliant with the best practices in terms of power and water savings, waste and wastewater management and landscape integration as well.

In collaboration with our IT department, we are also committed to several objectives:

  • The sustainable IT Fleet management : we are extending the duration of our IT materials and we replace them with less energy-consuming equipment when this has become necessary.
  • The ability to work remotely : we give all of our employees the tools to work remotely in the most efficient way.
  • The ecological selection of our suppliers which has become a mandatory standard.

Sustainable Web Design

This web page is cleaner than 79% of web pages tested, calculated by websitecarbon.